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Dubai has been designated as the “preferred venue” for the hybrid formula by PCB for the Asia Cup.

The Pakistan Cricket Board has designated Dubai as the ideal location for the hybrid format of the Asia Cup. Due to gate money, sources claim Dubai has been selected as the ideal venue. The PCB believes that Colombo or any other location cannot receive gate money like Dubai, and that the Asian Cricket Council should make up for any gate money lost to any destination other than Dubai.

Sources claim that the PCB is also hoping for approval of the reintroduced hybrid formula, and since Bangladesh and Sri Lanka said yes, the PCB is sure that a decision will be made shortly. Although the ACC meeting has not yet been made known to the PCB, the PCB is sure that Pakistan’s priority would be given consideration in the hybrid formula. In the hybrid concept, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka sides will play each other three times, while Pakistan will host the match against Nepal. According to sources, the hybrid formula site will host the final, the top four teams, and India’s group matches during the competition.

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