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“The Haunting Scent of Loss: A House Tinged with Death”

Actress Saeeda Imtiaz has said that she regretted the fake Hearing the news of his death as a publicity stunt. No fool will do any such news from his profile for publicity in the month of Ramadan. Saeeda Imtiaz spoke in detail about the situation she was in after the rumor of death spread in the Good Morning Pakistan program.

At that time my sister’s message came and asked what it was. Later, there was laughter on some things because the comments of the people, someone was saying that we are not calling Saeeda because we came to know that there should be no murder case and if we call, we will know. People had come out of the house, I was crying, at that time it seemed as if something had really happened Hearing the news of his death.

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