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Proposal of financial assistance to citizens to combat inflation in the UAE

Financial assistance to citizens in the United Arab Emirates has been proposed to combat inflation. According to the Gulf newspaper, Emirates Al-Youm, a member of the Federal National Council, Obaid Khalfan Al-Ghul Al-Salami, has said that he intends to present two parliamentary proposals to the Minister of Community Development, Shama bint Suhail Al-Mazroui, during the council meeting next Tuesday. The first is to redefine the category of low-income families, which includes families whose total monthly income does not exceed 25,000 dirhams, to support families with limited income.

He also stressed the need to cancel the “coupons and cards” system designated by the Ministry of Community Development to help eligible citizens, which suggested that inflation allowances be pooled into a bonus that directly benefits beneficiaries. Deposited in cash into the accounts of the beneficiaries, without any restrictions on specific parties and outlets for exchange and without any procedural complications.

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