Supreme Court Restrains

Supreme Court Restrains Arrest of Imran Khan in Lawyer’s Murder

The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday said that the order not to arrest Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan in the Abdul Razzaq Shar murder case will remain intact. A three-member special bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial heard the case. The court adjourned the hearing at the request of the […]

Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army personnel launch rescue operation in Batgram.

As the Pakistan Army helicopter approached the elevator, the doll started shaking, fearing that the chairlift might be imbalanced, other options to rescue A helicopter launched a rescue operation. It has been reported that as soon as the Pakistan Army helicopter approached the elevator, the dolly started shaking, and the chairlift was also feared to […]

Icc World Cup 2023

Icc World Cup 2023 ticket registration begins.

Tickets for Indian competitions, including matches from Pakistan, can be obtained on September 3, the mega event will start from October 5. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has started the registration of tickets for the Icc World Cup 2023. In an announcement made on Tuesday, the ICC shared a ticket registration link where fans can […]

Petrol price

Petrol Price Hits All-time High in the Country’s History.

The price of petrol has been increased by Rs 17.50 while the price of diesel has been increased by Rs 20. The Petrol price has reached the highest level in the history of the country, diesel has also been made expensive. According to details, the caretaker government dropped petrol bombs on the people as soon […]

Imran Khan's Tosha Khana case

Imran Khan’s Tosha Khana case appeal against sentence issued

The Islamabad High Court has called for the complete records of the Imran Khan’s Tosha Khana case the court has directed to schedule the request for suspension of the former prime minister’s sentence for an early hearing. Imran Khan’s Tosha Khana case Islamabad High Court hascalled for complete record of Toshah Khana case against Imran […]

Cipher Was Lost

If the Cipher Was Lost, Then How Was It Published?

How did the cipher get lost, how did it hide? There should be an inquiry into it, chairman PTI took the cipher with him, which is a big crime. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that if the cipher was lost, then how was it published? There should be an inquiry […]

international quran museum

International Quran Museum Project Inaugurated in Makkah

Permanent international branches of Quran Museum will be opened for non-Muslims in different countries of the world Makkah  The International Quran Museum project has been inaugurated in Makkah. According to Arab media, Secretary General of The Muslim World League (MWL) and Chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars, Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa inaugurated the International Holy […]

The President signed the summary of dissolution of the National Assembly, the Federal Cabinet was also dissolved

13-Party Coalition Government Ends

President signs summary to dissolve National Assembly, federal cabinet also dissolved Government ends President Mamnoon Hussain has signed a summary for dissolution of the National Assembly. According to details, the coalition government of 13 parties has ended. President Arif Alvi has signed a summary sent by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to dissolve the National Assembly. […]

Auction Tosha Khana Gifts

PM Shehbaz Sharif Announced to Auction Tosha Khana Gifts

The orphanages and humanitarian organizations will receive the donation funds. Unfortunately, the nation has been mistreated for the past four years, and relations with friendly nations have suffered. Shehbaz Sharif, the prime minister Auction Tosha Khana. Gifts All of the gifts will be auctioned off in Tosha Khana, according to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. According […]

Electricity tariff.

Government Raises Basic Electricity Tariff to Rs 7.50 per Unit.

|electricity tariff. After the implementation of sales tax, the price will be Rs 50 per unit, and the increase in the basic price will be applicable from July 1, after approval, the arrears of July will also be recovered from the public.| Electricity tariffs the government dropped electricity on the people, and the basic tariff […]

opreation Khyber

Operation Khyber in 2 Terrorists Neutralized 2 Jawans Martyred

2 terrorists were killed and 4 were injured in Operation Khyber. Against terrorists in the Tirah area of ​​Khyber district. According to the Public Relations Department of the Pakistan Army ISPR, There was an exchange of fire between security forces and terrorists in the Tirah area of Operation Khyber district. Two terrorists were killed and […]

Saudi Arabia's Military Spending

16% Surge in Saudi Arabia’s Military Spending: Allocation Insights.

Saudi Arabia’s Military Spending expenditure has reached 75 billion dollars. which is 16 percent more than a year ago. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s report. on global has overtaken Britain, Germany. And France to become the fifth-largest military spending country in the world. In 2022, Saudi Arabia’s military spending reached $75 billion. […]

Gandapur Acquitted Ali amin

Gandapur Acquitted and Released in Speech Case.

Gandapur Acquitted. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Ali Amin Gandapur was acquitted in the anti-state speech case, the court ordered his release. According to private TV Dunya News, Ali Amin Gandapur was produced before the District and Sessions Court of Shikarpur after completing his judicial remand. The court acquitted the anti-state speeches case after hearing the […]

Turkey's Dissent Crackdown.

Turkey’s Dissent Crackdown: 110 Arrested.

Turkey’s Dissent Crackdown. Turkish police detained 110 people for alleged links to militants. Security sources. Along with a pro-Kurdish lawmaker. said on Tuesday that those arrested in the raids included politicians, lawyers. And journalists linked to the May 14 elections. Security sources told news agency Reuters that the operation took place in Diyarbakır. The largest […]

Severe Rainstorm Approaching.

Severe Rainstorm Approaching: Meteorological Department’s Alert.

Severe Rainstorm Approaching The Meteorological Department. has predicted that most parts of the country. will come under the influence of a powerful rain system during April 27-28. According to the Department of Meteorology. The weather will remain clear, dry. And hot in most parts of the country for the next few days. The temperature may […]

Latif Jeved.

Latif: Remains of Faiz and Nisar Hindering Country’s Progress.

Mian Javed Latif Leader of Muslim League-N and Federal Minister Mian Javed Latif says that as long as the remains of General (R) Faiz and Saqib Nisar are there, the country cannot move forward. Mian Javed Latif, expressing himself on the social networking site Twitter, said that if Saqib Nisar and Faiz Hameed are caught, […]

Global Citizenship Report

Global Citizenship Report in Pakistan Ranks 138th.

The Global Citizenship Report. has been released in which Pakistan has performed worst in all five areas. Overall, Pakistan has been ranked 138 out of 152 in the World Citizenship Report. According to the report, Pakistan is ranked 149 out of 169 in the safety and security ranking. 93 out of 128 in business opportunity […]

Sudan Extremist Lab.

Sudan Extremist Lab Unveils Deadly Virus Threat, Warns WHO.

Sudan Extremist Lab. The World Health Organization has revealed. that there are dangerous viruses in a laboratory. taken over is an extremist group in Sudan. In its statement. the World Health Organization says that the laboratory contains viruses. Of many dangerous diseases such as polio. measles. And smallpox. Which can spread to the surrounding areas. […]

Amirzades' Protest

Amirzades’ Protest: Lahore Restaurant Confrontation.

Amirzades’ Protest Yesterday, after prohibiting women from harassing and molesting the women coming to the restaurant in the limits of the Defense C police station. The miscreants stormed the restaurant and vandalized it. According to private TV. The corrupt emirates vandalized the restaurant. And tortured the families and the restaurant staff for prohibiting the teasing […]

Parvaize Elahi

Political Leaders’ Warm Gestures at Parvaiz Khattak’s Residence.

Parvaiz Elahi shook hands with Saad Rafiq and hugged Ayaz Sadiq on the occasion of condolence on the death of PTI leader and former federal minister Pervez Khattak’s wife. According to the private TV channel Express News. Parvaiz Elahi visited the residence of former federal minister of defense Pervez Khattak. Parvez Elahi expressed his condolences […]

spreme court

Supreme Court: Justice Tariq Masood Has No Social Media.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan denied the social media account of Justice Tariq Masood. According to the private TV channel. The has said in the declaration that Justice Tariq Masood does not have an account on social media. And FIA has been directed to take action against the fake social media account. Justice Masood’s decision […]

Uncertain Future of Ministers sh rasheed ahmad

Uncertain Future of Ministers and Shahbaz Sharif in Punjab.

Uncertain Future of Ministers Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed says that whether the election is over or Punjab will continue, the role of the judiciary is being undermined, Shahbaz Sharif, Interior Minister, Law Minister and Fazlur Rehman should pack their bags and prepare the nation for the day of salvation. Sheikh Rasheed in […]

PM Explores shahbaz sharif

PM Explores Supreme Court Elections in Lahore Consultation.

PM Explores Shehbaz Sharif consulted his close political associates and legal experts on the issue of the petition to hold the elections in the Supreme Court on the same day. According to the private TV channel, party sources say that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is present at his residence Model Town in Lahore, the top […]

Azam Nazir tarar

Azam Nazir Tarar Contemptuous Act: Disparaging the Court.

Contemptuous Act: Disparaging the Court – Azam Nazir Tarar Federal Law Minister Azam Nazir Tarar has said that the court should be careful in many cases, in the age of modern and social media, nothing can be covered up, ignorant people are trying to make the institutions come face to face, and efforts are being […]

Maryam Nawaz

When will Maryam Nawaz return to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia?

Maryam Nawaz The Muslim League (N) chief organizer, Maryam Nawaz, will return to Pakistan tomorrow from Saudi Arabia. It should be remembered that had a meeting with Nawaz Sharif along with Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman. Sources have claimed that had gone to Saudi Arabia to pay Umrah, and now Maryam Nawaz will return […]

Elections in PDM

A close associate of Parvez Elahi was allegedly detained.

A close associate of Parvez Elahi In a recent development, a close associate of Parvez Elahi, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Punjab Chief Minister, was allegedly taken into custody. The incident has left law enforcement agencies, including the local police, expressing ignorance about the matter, adding to the intrigue surrounding the detainee’s status. […]

senior pakistani citizen's

Senior Pakistani Citizen’s Identity Requested by Saudi Dept.

Senior Pakistani Citizen’s. In the last days of Ramadan, an elderly man whose hijab conforms to the pattern of Islamic history became the center of attention on social media and countless users were commenting on this figure. He is Pakistani or Afghani and wants to perform Hajj. The person’s name is said to be Abdul […]

The Prime Minister will give as much relief to the commoners as possible in the budget.

I will relieve workers, farmers, and the salaried class. Addressing the Parliamentary Party Meeting of Muslim League-N. Islamabad (Urdu Point Newspaper Latest. 12 June 2024) Prime Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif says that he will give relief to the commoner as much as possible in the budget and will take steps for the relief of the […]

Imran Khan should write a letter to the Supreme Court regarding negotiations.

I am ready to talk to every party to end the country’s severe economic and political instability. I am writing this letter to end these difficulties. Rawalpindi (Urdu Point Newspaper Latest. June 10, 2024) PTI founder Imran Khan has advised the Supreme Court to write a letter regarding negotiations, ready to talk to every serious […]

The prosecution is expected to rest the case in Hunter Biden’s gun trial.

By Jack Queen and Tom HalsWILMINGTON, Delaware (Reuters) – Prosecutors are expected to rest their case against President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, on Thursday after presenting evidence aimed at showing that he lied about his drug use to buy a gun in 2018 illegally. The jury in the first criminal trial of a U.S. […]

The decision to grant PML-N senator Chaudhry Tanveer temporary bail in the murder of the former parliamentary secretary

On February 12, Chaudhry Adnan, a former member of the Punjab Assembly, was shot and died in Rawalpindi. The interim bails of MNA Daniyal Chaudhry and his accomplice, Osama Chaudhry, Chaudhry Chingiz, are confirmed. International Press Agency, Rawalpindi (Urdu Point Newspaper Latest), June 06, 2024, Chaudhry Tanveer, a former Muslim League (N) senator, was denied […]

Modi’s Dream Shattered: BJP 292 Seats, Congress 233

Modi’s Dream Shattered: BJP 292 Seats, Congress 233 Modi announces government formation with allies; Congress also enters the fray to form a government. Now, the contest for horse-trading in Delhi will be intense. Smaller parties not aligned with either major political coalition stand to benefit significantly. According to Indian political analysts, major figures in occupied […]