The Prime Minister will give as much relief to the commoners as possible in the budget.

I will relieve workers, farmers, and the salaried class. Addressing the Parliamentary Party Meeting of Muslim League-N.

Islamabad (Urdu Point Newspaper Latest. 12 June 2024) Prime Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif says that he will give relief to the commoner as much as possible in the budget and will take steps for the relief of the workers, farmers, and salaried class of this country. According to the details, a meeting of the parliamentary party of Muslim League-N was held in the Parliament House. In the meeting, the Prime Minister took the parliamentary party into confidence regarding the budget. The members expressed complete confidence in the budget prepared by the government’s economic team under the leadership of the Prime Minister; the meeting was attended by federal ministers and MPs belonging to Muslim League-N.
Expressing himself on this occasion, he said that he brought the country out of the mire of economic difficulties and brought it toward stability. History is a witness to the fact that we saved the economy of Pakistan by sacrificing our politics. Under the leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, we saved this country from bankruptcy. I have been in practical politics for many years, but I have seen such politics full of incitement for the first time in the history of Pakistan.
The Prime Minister says that when Allah Almighty gave the responsibility to the servant of Pakistan for the second time, he promised to solve the nation’s problems. The confidence of countries and investors in the government’s economic policies and the increasing foreign investment in the country is the result of the hard work of the government team.
He said that he would give as much relief to the commoner as possible in the budget and take steps to relieve the country’s workers, farmers, and salaried class. I am deeply grateful for the full support in the interests of the people and the government, for actively participating in the budget meeting, for presenting my suggestions, and for giving a practical and reasoned response to the lies and propaganda related to the budget.
Shahbaz Sharif says that we have to work day and night for the economic stability of Pakistan; we have to provide the nation with essential health, higher education, and equal development opportunities; employing the talented workforce of this country is one of our top priorities. , will ensure education and training for the youth in the IT sector, empowering women and working hard to provide them with dignified employment, wherever he went around the world, he asked for investment instead of loans, investments would come there, where there is peace and political stability.

The Prime Minister says that dignified nations change their destinies with hard work, dedication, and courage while learning from China and other developed countries; we have to create our bright future in the context of Pakistan’s objective conditions, thanks to our team’s efforts. There has been a significant reduction in inflation, the rupee has stabilized against the dollar, there is a bullish trend in the stock market, and by the grace of God , the hard work of the government’s economic team has begun to yield positive results.

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