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Pakistan Army personnel launch rescue operation in Batgram.

Pakistan Army

As the Pakistan Army helicopter approached the elevator, the doll started shaking, fearing that the chairlift might be imbalanced, other options to rescue

A helicopter launched a rescue operation. It has been reported that as soon as the Pakistan Army helicopter approached the elevator, the dolly started shaking, and the chairlift was also feared to be unbalanced. Other options are being considered to rescue those trapped in the chairlift. A second helicopter also arrived some time ago to rescue the people trapped in the chair lift at Alai Pashto.

The Pak Army Rescue Helicopter has reached Batgram and is doing recce of the area, after the recce, the rescue operation will be carried out in a very careful manner. An expert team of the Special Services Group of the Pakistan Army also left for Bagram for a batgram chairlift rescue operation.

The SSG team will take part in the Batgram rescue operation. Pakistan Army is using all resources for the rescue operation.

The helicopter’s air pressure can break the chairlift unbalanced. The height of the chairlift is 1500 feet.

There are 8 people in the elevator. Those trapped in the lift include Abrar Abdul Ghani, Irfan Omar Aziz, Gulfaraz Hakim Dad, Usama Sharif, Razwan Abdul Qayyum, Attaullah, Niaz Muhammad, and Sher Nawaz. On the other hand, Gul Faraz, a person on the chairlift, told ARY News that the incident of the chairlift getting stuck was 7 am, and we were waiting for help.

The children trapped in the elevator are 10 to 13 years old, first one rope of the chairlift was broken and then the second rope was also broken. According to schoolteacher Zafar Iqbal, this doli has been installed to go from one area to another. He said that at 6 am, the students were coming to the school by chairlift, and a child in the chairlift had become. 

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