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Imran Khan should write a letter to the Supreme Court regarding negotiations.

I am ready to talk to every party to end the country’s severe economic and political instability. I am writing this letter to end these difficulties.

Rawalpindi (Urdu Point Newspaper Latest. June 10, 2024) PTI founder Imran Khan has advised the Supreme Court to write a letter regarding negotiations, ready to talk to every serious party to end the country’s severe economic and political instability. I am writing this letter to end the country’s financial problems and political instability. The founder of PTI says that every party that can solve the economic and political issues is ready to talk to him.
Founder PTI noted the essential text of the letter. The letter will demand the return of the electoral mandate and fair trial in other political cases, including the May 9 judicial inquiry. In the NAB amendments case, the Supreme Court had advised the founder of PTI to negotiate with different political parties.
It should be noted that Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa had remarked during the hearing against the Supreme Court’s annulment of the NAB amendments that the issues should be resolved by sitting in the Parliament.
The country needs to move forward. We didn’t want to talk politics, but we weren’t stopping you. Dialogue solves many things. Justice Jamal Mandukhel said that Imran Khan’s words scare me, too. The situation is dangerous, so sit down and solve it with fellow politicians. When there is a fire, you do not see whether it is pure or impure. First, you put out the fire.
Justice Jamal Mandukhel also asked who was to build the political system. Justice Athar Manullah said that, unfortunately, you are in jail, and people have hopes for you. Imran Khan said that if I speak from the heart, we are all looking at you; Pakistan has been under undeclared martial law. Justice Jamal Mandukhel said we would be suspicious of you if anything happened. We are looking at you, and you are looking at us.
Justice Hasan Azhar had asked why you did not oppose the NAB bill by sitting in the Parliament. Imran Khan said this is why the situation had become like this: the growth rate was at 6.2, and the government was under conspiracy. Was dropped. Parliament could not go and answer this conspiratorial government. Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa said, Mr. Khan, you are talking about two different things: on the one hand, you are talking about accountability, and on the other hand, you are giving amnesty.
Imran Khan had said that we gave amnesty to bring the black economy into the mainstream after coming to the government. Later, after hearing the case, the Supreme Court reserved its decision on the intra-court appeals of the federal and provincial governments against declaring the NAB amendments null and void.

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