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Senior Pakistani Citizen’s Identity Requested by Saudi Dept.

senior pakistani citizen's

Senior Pakistani Citizen’s. In the last days of Ramadan, an elderly man whose hijab conforms to the pattern of Islamic history became the center of attention on social media and countless users were commenting on this figure. He is Pakistani or Afghani and wants to perform Hajj. The person’s name is said to be Abdul Qadir.

Backgroung of Senior Pakistani Citizen’s.

Turki Al-Sheikh, who is in charge of the entertainment department in Saudi Arabia, wants to know the identity of this Senior Pakistani Citizen's. which is probably because he wants Abdul Qadir to perform Hajj as a guest of his ministry.

Turki Al-Sheikh, the head of the Saudi Department of Entertainment, was extremely impressed after watching the video clip of Muammar Senior Pakistani Citizen’s. They want to fulfill the wish of Pakistani elderly. He asked users for help to reach the elderly pilgrim. Turki Al-Sheikh tweeted, “Who can tell me his address?”

Remember that these Senior Pakistani Citizen’s are Pakistanis and they belong to Sakran area of ​​Hub district of Balochistan. The name of this elder is Abdul Qadir Aliani Murri and he looks very worried in the viral video. His position in this regard has come out for the first time. The elderly person says that he was worried about not finding his friends .The Saudi Department’s request has been acknowledged by the Pakistani government. Officials are currently having diplomatic conversations to learn more.

He said that the benefit of this video was that because of it he got his colleagues and he became famous all over the world.


The request made by the Saudi Department of Entertainment for the identity of a senior Pakistani citizen has generated significant curiosity and concern. As authorities work to understand the purpose behind this inquiry, the public awaits further information. This unusual situation serves as a reminder of the complex dynamics between nations and the importance of safeguarding individuals’ privacy and security.

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