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If the Cipher Was Lost, Then How Was It Published?

Cipher Was Lost

How did the cipher get lost, how did it hide? There should be an inquiry into it, chairman PTI took the cipher with him, which is a big crime. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that if the cipher was lost, then how was it published? There
should be an inquiry into it, chairman PTI took the cipher with him, which is a big crime. He said in one of his interviews that if we were an imported government, there would have been relief from
everywhere, the events that took place were blown in the air of american conspiracy, it is better for us
to die than to become a government at any foreign behest.

He said that the CHAIRMAN PTI said that the cipher was lost, if the cipher was lost, then how was it
published? There should be an inquiry into it. The Prime Minister can read a copy of the cipher and not take it with him.

Chairman PTI took the cipher with him which is a big crime. He said that Nawaz Sharif will return next
month, Nawaz Sharif will come back and face the law, Nawaz Sharif will neither wear a bucket on the
head nor will he do witchcraft.

If Nawaz Sharif becomes prime minister, I will serve as a worker. Moreover, Prime Minister Shehbaz
Sharif said in his view on Twitter that the federal cabinet has ceased to exist after the dissolution of the National Assembly on my suggestion. I think it is necessary to review the last 16 months since the coalition government came to power through a constitutional process of no confidence and share my point of view with the nation.

A process of democratic evolution, the political parties that formed the government have different political manifestos and agendas. Despite being political rivals, we decided to work together on the national agenda, which is the common agenda of all of us, giving priority to the interest of the state and the people. Over the past 16 months, we have seen the tradition of consensus decision-making flourish, which I consider an important development in the democratic evolution of our country.

Challenges: First, there were some crises that were a big sleepless challenge for me personally, these
crises included saving the country from default in particular and strengthening the country’s economy in general. I would never have been able to forgive myself if, God forbid, a situation of default had arisen during my tenure. We still have to fully understand the terrible consequences in countries that fail to meet their global obligations.

Second, restoring Pakistan’s dignity, dignity and reputation as a trusted partner and friend in the world was a major challenge that we collectively tackled. Due to our collective efforts, it has been possible to undo the massive damage done to Pakistan and Pakistan has emerged as a responsible member of the international community.

We have restored trust with our brotherly countries, including China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and
the United Arab Emirates. Not only has the CPEC been put back on track, but work has also begun on its second phase. In the form of human and material losses caused by the most devastating floods in
Pakistan’s history, our already suffering economy faced another major challenge.

Climate diplomacy led the government to launch massive global efforts to project Pakistan as a country affected by climate change. We launched large-scale relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities from our own resources. As head of the G-77 Plus China, Pakistan led global efforts to address its demand for the delivery of environmental justice.

Our important role in this regard strengthened the global response and the Loss and Damage Fund was established at COP27. Millions of dollars of international aid were spent in a very transparent manner.

SIFC. The Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC), set up under mutual cooperation, has prioritized five key sectors of the national economy, namely agriculture, information technology, mining and minerals, defence production and energy.

All stakeholders are represented in this institutional arrangement which facilitates a ‘one window’ to
bring in foreign investment so that opportunities can be provided in select sectors. SIFC is an economic revival plan that has been fully consideredAnd it is being worked out with a complete government strategy. What kept me under tremendous pressure during these 16 months was the impact of factors such as the harsh conditions of the IMF program, skyrocketing prices of commodities in international markets, and geopolitical turmoil on the poor people of Pakistan as a whole.

We tried to reduce the burden on the people by adopting a balance in this situation, I am fully aware of their sufferings and difficulties. For any government, there can be no greater difficulty than emerging divisions and security threats in society. The time has come to end economic instability in Pakistan by focusing on structural reforms.

I say with certainty that no magic lamp will change everything overnight. But if the people of Pakistan
elect the PML-N, we promise that your elected government will ensure the implementation of this
model of development under the leadership of the people. In which their welfare is everything. Our
economic revolution will be to educate the youth in modern technology and harness their potential,
which will create large-scale employment and promote modern agricultural industry. There is only one way forward. Work, work and just work.

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