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Political Leaders’ Warm Gestures at Parvaiz Khattak’s Residence.

Parvaize Elahi

Parvaiz Elahi shook hands with Saad Rafiq and hugged Ayaz Sadiq on the occasion of condolence on the death of PTI leader and former federal minister Pervez Khattak’s wife.

According to the private TV channel Express News. Parvaiz Elahi  visited the residence of former federal minister of defense Pervez Khattak. Parvez Elahi expressed his condolences to Pervez Khattak on the death of his wife. former federal minister Munis Elahi also spoke to Pervez Khattak on the phone. Expressed condolences.

On this occasion, Parvez Elahi and Ayaz Sadiq whispered in their ears and had a brief discussion about the solution to the crisis.

The government and the opposition leaders had an informal discussion and said that the crisis should be resolved. Saad Rafiq while talking to Asad Qaiser said that we are in touch with you. We have heard that PTI has changed its name.

Parvaiz Elahi said that the caretaker government’s term has ended. And we have filed petitions related to Punjab and KP. Overall, the gathering at Parvaiz Khattak’s residence left a lasting impression, serving as a testament to the capacity for political leaders to rise above divisions and engage in meaningful exchanges. Their warm greetings and gestures conveyed a message of unity, emphasizing the importance of working together for the greater good.

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