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Global Citizenship Report in Pakistan Ranks 138th.

Global Citizenship Report

The Global Citizenship Report. has been released in which Pakistan has performed worst in all five areas. Overall, Pakistan has been ranked 138 out of 152 in the World Citizenship Report.

According to the report, Pakistan is ranked 149 out of 169 in the safety and security ranking. 93 out of 128 in business opportunity ranking, 140 out of 162 in quality of life ranking, 131 out of 134 in global mobility while Pakistan ranks 128 out of 153 in financial freedom.

The report examines various factors that compel high-net-worth individuals to consider acquiring citizenship by investment in a country.

Drawing on years of research, the WCR presents data compiled into the Global Citizenship Report.. This research goes beyond the traditional notion of valuing citizenship through the use of an ethical perspective. It emphasizes diverse attitudes towards key aspects of belonging to a country and its citizenship.

Improving global citizenship ranking requires a collective effort from government, civil society organizations, and citizens themselves. It necessitates implementing policies that protect individual rights, ensure equal opportunities, and foster a sense of global responsibility.

It is crucial for Pakistan to utilize this report as a wake-up call and initiate comprehensive reforms across various sectors. By addressing the identified shortcomings, Pakistan can aspire to improve its global citizenship ranking and contribute positively to the global community.

Efforts in areas such as poverty reduction, gender equality, environmental conservation, and human rights promotion can have a profound impact on Pakistan’s overall global citizenship standing. With dedicated actions and a commitment to progress, Pakistan can gradually climb the ranks and become a responsible global citizen.

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