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International Quran Museum Project Inaugurated in Makkah

international quran museum

Permanent international branches of Quran Museum will be opened for non-Muslims in different countries of the world

Makkah  The International Quran Museum project has been inaugurated in Makkah. According to Arab media, Secretary General of The Muslim World League (MWL) and Chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars, Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa inaugurated the International Holy Quran Museum Project at the Headquarters of the Muslim World League in Makkah. Announced plans to open permanent international branches.

He said that this important project has been studied by the Muslim World League’s Agency for The Holy Book and Sunnah, which is the first project of its kind in view of its contents and objectives, it has started from Makkah where the first revelation of the Holy Quran was revealed and the first Qibla of the world Muslims is located.

The Muslim World League chief emphasized that his organization is one of the gifts from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Islamic world and the Quran Museum has also been included in the League’s Islamic work in the light of its vision, mission, goals and values. What did they do for Islam, Muslims and the entire humanity?

Sheikh Al-Issa said that anyone coming to the League headquarters can see the exhibition in the museum, it is also possible for all those who want to visit the permanent international branches of the museum established all over the world, they can see and understand everything that is related to the holy book, especially the international branches of the museum aim to quranic values and To introduce the wise commandments contained in the verses of the Scriptures.

He said that this museum will contain materials of scientific miracles of the Holy Quran, which are supported by authentic scientific facts, another special feature of the museum is that it has clear explanations about frequently asked questions, preparation of answers about the Holy Quran by non-Muslims in advance or later receiving inquiries from pilgrims or receiving inquiries from pilgrims. Answers will be provided either immediately by scholars and researchers working in each branch or by various scientific committees according to the subject matter of the questions.

The league chief said that the museum contains documentary testimonies of the most prominent non-Islamic international figures, who presented their views about the holy book, which will help increase the credibility and influence of the Holy Quran in them, the international branches of the museum will be mostly for non-Muslims and modern technology will be presented in their respective languages. will be used for.

Interactive Exhibits: Engaging Visitors with Quranic Teachings

He said the move comes in the wake of attempts by some people to misrepresent some of the explanations given for the Quran as the agency monitored several inquiries and replies given about the Holy Quran but many malicious people used these inquiries to spread them in an aggressive context through various portals. What, the museum will highlight the high values issued by the Holy Book by removing all misconceptions and combating the malicious campaign.

Sheikh Al-Isa explained that this museum will include a historical account of copies of the Holy Quran and its services, as well as international cooperation in its services, as well as the review of the most important results of conferences, forums, lectures and literature. They will be headed by members of the Supreme Authority of Makkah Document.

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