Another good news for citizens, LPG prices are also low

LPG prices

A notification was published reducing the cost of LPG prices per kilogram by Rs 37, bringing the new price down to Rs 19

On the other hand, the cost of milled flour has dropped by Rs 20 per kg in Lahore. A price of Rs 150 per kilogram has been set for milled flour. Wheat is now less expensive per maund on the open market. Wheat’s cost per maund was set at Rs 4300. According to the Chucky Honours Association, reduced wheat prices will lead to low flour prices. While ghee is now available at utility stores for Rs 68 less thanks to the government.
Its notification was also made public. According to the notification, the price of ghee has decreased and the drop in the price of cooking oil will take effect today.

Another LPG prices of good news for environmentalists is that LPG costs have also dropped dramatically. Details indicate that LPG costs have decreased together with those of fuel. The dollar, and bread. The LPG prices of have been decreased by 37 rupees 13 pesos per kg. And a notification of the price reduction has also been released.
The new price of LPG has been set at Rs 196 75 paise, per the notice. Similarly to this. The cost of residential yellow LPG cylinders was decreased by Rs 438 22 paise, and the new cost was set at Rs 2321. The statement states that the cost of commercial cylinders. Has decreased by 1686 rupees and the new cost of commercial cylinders.

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