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Big bucks! Your conspiracy to kill was caught

Big bucks!

Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Maryam Aurangzeb, has said:Big bucks! The constitution and law does not give any citizen the right to accuse and slander, if you have evidence of accusation, then go to court, the constitutional right is not available on Twitter, rally and meetings, 35 punctures, 10 billion and ciphers to court with evidence of accusation. Why not go? In his Twitter response to his Chairman PTI Imran Khan, he said that Bahrupaye is a right only under the constitution and law.

Big bucks! Every citizen has full legal right to protect his rights, which requires to go to police station and court, give evidence. Constitutional rights are not available on Twitter, rallies and meetings. Go to court and police station with evidence. 35 Puncture, 10 billion, Cipher, American conspiracy and you made accusations like that and there is no evidence, why don’t they go to court if there is evidence? Making false accusations, slandering, slandering is neither a legal right nor a constitutional right of anyone? When there was a murderous attack on you, you had your own government and chief minister in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab.

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