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DG ISPR in army system: No departmental action based on rumors

DG ISPR in army system.

A journalist asked the spokesperson of the DG ISPR in army system. during the press conference that it is said that with the change of command, there is also accountability. Tehreek-e-Insaaf says that General Bajwa should be court-martialed while PDM says that General Faiz should be court-martialed. So did these two generals really exceed their mandate, on which departmental action should be taken against them?

On this, DG ISPR in army system. says that for any news related to the army, keep your eyes only on the press release of ISPR. They are the only source.

“Many fake accounts of ISPR are active on social media, keep an eye on authentic accounts only. In this way, you will not go to anxiety-type questions and assumptions.

Major General Ahmed Sharif Chaudhry said that the army has its own detailed system. If there is any criticism, it is dealt with, but the system is based on facts and due process. Its aim is to provide justice to all parties.

Its purpose is not to act on the basis of rumors.

By prioritizing accuracy and fairness. the Army aims to foster a sense of trust and unity within its ranks. Discouraging departmental action based on rumors sends a strong message that the Army values the well-being and reputation of its personnel. And is committed to upholding their rights. This approach also promotes a culture of accountability. encouraging individuals to come forward with genuine concerns, backed by reliable information. Without fear of unfair consequences.

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