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ECC approves increase in prices of medicines

The Joint Coordination Committee has approved the increase in the prices of medicines. According to the details, a meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee was held under the chairmanship of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, in which the increase in the prices of medicines was approved. A 14% increase in the prices of essential medicines was decided, while a 20% increase in the prices of other low-cost medicines was approved.

According to the ECC statement, a decision will be taken to reduce the prices in line with inflation in July 2023. The statement further said that the price of these medicines will not be increased in the next financial year due to the increase in the value of the rupee.

Similarly, the ECC has approved the purchase of 1.4 million tonnes of wheat for the government reserves of Sindh. According to the declaration, the Punjab government will buy 35 lakh tons of wheat, the Punjab government will buy wheat at the rate of 3900 rupees, and the Balochistan government will buy 1 lakh tons of wheat. In the ECC meeting, it was approved to rent 1025 rooms of Roosevelt in New York, the rooms were approved to be rented for 3 years, the rooms of Roosevelt Hotel will be given for 200 dollars per day.

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