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Imran Khan’s 8-day physical remand was approved

Imran Khan's 8-day physical remand

8-day physical remand of Chairman PTI Imran Khan was approved in the Al-Qadir Trust case. The accountability court handed Imran Khan over to NAB on 8-day physical remand. Today, Imran Khan was presented in the court of Judge Muhammad Bashir. . The case of Al-Qadir Trust against former Prime Minister Imran Khan was heard in the court of Accounts Court Judge Muhammad Bashir.

NAB requested 14-day physical remand of Chairman PTI Imran Khan. Physical remand was opposed by Imran Khan’s lawyers. Judge Muhammad Bashir of the Accountability Court adjourned the hearing. When the hearing resumed, the Deputy Prosecutor said that this case of corruption was caught by the British National Crime Agency.

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