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Over 20 Billion Stolen in Flour Distribution Scandal

The central senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League-N and former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that I am sorry to say that more than 20 billion has been stolen in the name of flour distribution. Flour has been distributed with an amount of 84 billion. Check poor people. What did they get for which 84 billion was spent. They cannot deliver services in the current system.

20 Billion Stolen Addressing the ceremony at Government College University Lahore. He said that today the institutions of Pakistan are facing each other. The cause of the country’s problems is the failure of leadership and the system. The current system has failed and is unable to deliver. Unfortunately everyone has become a spectator. are sitting, unless we come together, things will not go well, countries in which there is chaos, their status ends, countries do not end, but status ends, what is the state of the economy today and what are our priorities? ? We do not praise or criticize anyone on this platform, people are brought into parliament who are not qualified, cannot form a cabinet of 10 people that can run the system.

Unless the political leadership gives the vision, the secretary cannot run the system, the bureaucratic system which needs the most reforms, we hire the most qualified people, what is the work of a federal officer in the provincial tehsils, we The rules of business cannot be changed, the state of NAB today is that the secretary does not make a summary so that NAB does not get caught and taken away.

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