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SWAT Blast Vanished Remains: Final Victim’s Hand Found.

SWAT Blast.

When SWAT Blast. rescue worker Khalilur Rahman reached the scene of an explosion. At the police station of the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTDE) in the Kabal area of ​​Swat. yesterday there was a fire in one part of the building and the other side of the building collapsed.

“There was chaos there,” he says. Many wounded were moaning. The first casualty I picked up had missing hands and feet. He died while we were picking him up and bringing him to the car.

Khalilur Rahman was the first aid worker. to arrive after the SWAT Blast. along with his three colleagues. Their Rescue Station is located near the Kabul Police Line and CTD Offices.

For the past several months. concern was being expressed local elders. And public leaders regarding the public order situation in Swat. And due to the explosion in Kabul yesterday. a wave of fear has once again spread in the area. .

The nature of the explosion is still. being investigated whether the attack was due to terrorism. or it was caused by explosions in weapons in the CTD office. So far. At least 17 people have been killed and more than 50 injured in this blast.

The Devastating SWAT Blast: Destruction and Mystery Unleashed

Authorities are baffled by the disappearance of the victim’s body. raising countless questions about the nature of the blast and the fate of the remaining remains. The investigation has intensified. with a focus on identifying the cause of the explosion and determining the motive behind this disturbing incident.

As the investigation continues. the search for answers continues as well. The vanished remains and the recovered hand stand as the only tangible evidence. In a case that has left both authorities and the public. with a sense of unease and intrigue. The truth behind the SWAT blast and the fate of the missing body remains elusive. adding to the enigma surrounding this unsettling event.

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