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Parvez Elahi Identifies Party Opposing Elections in PDM

Elections in PDM

Central President of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi. Has said that most of the parties in Elections in PDM are in favor of the election. And Shahbaz Sharif is looking for an escape from the election. It is the motto of the League (N) to blame the Supreme Court and honorable judges. There is no other way to prosperity except elections.

Speaking in a meeting with various political personalities in the provincial capital. Pervez Elahi said that the government does not want Elections in PDM on a date. But on a date of their choice. The government’s maliciousness and indifference to the negotiations have been fully revealed, instead of negotiations, the government is engaged in phone tapping. Bold decisions must be taken to save the country’s economy and politics.

Abaq Chief Minister of Punjab said that by blackmailing the government cannot get a decision from the judiciary, the electoral position of (N) League in Punjab is zero. Nawaz Sharif is making conspiracies against the Supreme Court, he is on his way back. They consider the Supreme Court as an obstacle, Nawaz Sharif’s conspiracy to make the Supreme Court ineffective through the government bill has failed.

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