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Rising Prices and Supply Shortages: Gas, Sugar, and Flour Woes

Rising Prices

Rising Prices Gas is expensive, sugar is expensive and now. There are reports of flour disappearing from the market. Complaints of not getting a 10 kg bag of flour are being received from most shops in the provincial capital. According to market sources. A 15 kg bag of flour is being sold for Rs 2200 in the city. While the sources of mill. Owners association say that mill owners are selling flour at Rs 170 per kg.

According to “Jung”. The Food Department of Punjab has said that in the open market, flour is being sold at Rs 115 80 paise per kg. Old wheat is being given to mills at the rate of Rs 3900 per maund. The process of procurement of wheat is going on all over Punjab. Including Lahore, wheat is being bought from farmers at the rate of 39 hundred rupees per maund, farmers are being given additional 70 rupees per maund for transportation. The Rising Prices of wheat in the open market is Rs 4500 per maund, due to the mills getting limited quota of government wheat, wheat has become expensive.

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